Creating Wellness from the Inside Out

The Chakra System: 90 Minute Workshop


What to Expect:

  • Learn About the Seven Main Chakras
  • How each Chakra Plays a Vital Role in your Life
    • Each Chakra plays a role in almost all behavior, thought, & emotional patterns (from disorganization to anger to procrastination to unhealthy relationships)
  • Healthy Chakra vs. Imbalanced Chakra (& How to Shift Imbalances!)
  • Cultivate an Optimum Mind, Body & Energy Alignment 
  • Easy Daily Techniques (that take only minutes!) to Keep Chakras Aligned
  • Go Through a Full Chakra Balancing, Detoxing, & Aligning Session


CHAKRA WORKSHOP APRIL 13 2:00pm-3:30PM Energy Healing Master: Rachael Thompson

  Rachael works as a Spiritual Mentor and Energy Healer. She has worked with people all over the world, helping create balance in their minds, bodies, and overall energy. She got her start as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor but shifted to Energy Healing after traditional methods failed to help her overwhelming anxiety. She knows the importance of a holistic approach to overall wellness and aims to share these simple, yet powerful methods with others.