Quantum Yoga

Are you looking to embody your yogic teachings? Is your third eye open and looking for more?  Do you grasp the concepts of self-love yet you are seeking to FEEL it more, BE it more, and express it more confidently? The collective is shifting and we know that love is the answer to shift the world. Yet when it comes to looking in the mirror and living life off the yoga mat, we sometimes have challenges calling in our higher selves to navigate our path.

You deserve to feel the potential Human you are. Our culture hasn’t taught us how to Human with our Divine aspect at the helm. These quantumly curated workshops will provide tools, practices, rituals, and discussion around self-love, trust, worthiness, abundance, creativity, inspiration, & manifestation. These couple of hours will prove to be fulfilling, empowering, inspiring, connecting, and healing. Wherever you are is perfect. The timing couldn’t be better. Commit to grow, expand, and evolve into the super Human you are meant to be. Devote to your life & your purpose with clarity. Be willing to release thought patterns that no longer serve you AND be ready to be an active participant in Your life, from this Now forward.

In this workshop, we will dive deep to gently bring to light the self-limiting beliefs that have been kept in the dark.

Dates/Times and Topics *TENTATIVE*


April 20 2-4pm-------- self-love activation & amplification

May 18 2-4pm-------- radical acceptance & forgiveness (judgment & guilt release)

June 15 2-4pm------- trust & relationship expansion

$30 in advance for each workshop. $40 at the door

We’ll integrate breathwork and gentle movement to release stagnant energy and remove the patterns that are keeping us in a repetitive loop. We’ll receive a guided healing frequency meditation and quantumly heal ourselves as well as our family lineage and the world. We’ll reprogram and rewrite our reality into a paradigm that’s aligned with our hearts.

Bring: mat, journal, an open mind, & all things comfy


Jane Ritz is a Spiritual Guide and metaphysics junkie. With a background in Psychology and Earth Science, she has a solid framework through which she intuits and shares ancient knowledge of Humaning. Jane guides individuals and groups to an inspired and joyful space, connecting with your highest self, and shares how she perceives you through a lens of unconditional love. Her intention is to provide a clear path to follow your heart, to create a stillness to hear your truth with ease, and to open the doorways of creative freedom.

 Jane offers guidance and tools to those seeking an intentional and amplified mind/body/spirit connection. Her mission is to consciously create a future for a world that is loving, compassionate, abundant, and unified. This begins with YOU following your heart.