🕉 Our Yoga Instructors 🕉

Alexa Hagenbrock

About Alexa

 Alexa has been practicing yoga on and off since 2011 but it wasn’t until 2016 that her practice became consistent. After taking different classes all over Charlotte in an effort to “even out” her stressful life style and high intensity workouts, she realized she no longer wanted this to be her rest day or add on workout. She started to feel the benefits not only physically but also mentally and spiritually as well. It was then in 2018 when she decided to take the plunge and do her first 200 Hour teacher training at Carolina Yoga in Fort Mill. As she deepened her knowledge and practice she realized she wanted to share this love and healing with as many people as she could. Alexa loves teaching vinyasa style yoga including Power and Slow Flow with a focus on alignment. She loves providing students with hands on assists allowing them to feel the correct alignment in each pose and experiencing a fuller expression of each posture. Come meet Alexa on your mat throughout the week to flow and experience all the benefits of yoga.


Caroline Demmitt

About Caroline

 Caroline took her first ever yoga class in 2010 and hasn't looked back since. Immediately, she was hooked and yoga quickly became a very important and necessary part of her life. It connected her to her mind, body and spirituality in so many incredible ways that she never would have imagined. Caroline became a 200 RYT under Adam Whiting, her first ever yoga teacher.She is excited to share her knowledge and passion with all of her students as she continues on her yoga journey at Bijou!! Off her mat you can find Caroline teaching anything from kindergarten to cardio classes, as well as enjoying time outdoors with her friends and pup!! 


Valerie Malick

About Valerie

Valerie's first yoga class was a Yin style practice. She fell in love with the restorative poses and deep breathing exercises. While moving from Pittsburgh she recognized the need for Yin style classes in Charlotte. In 2018, she obtained her 200 YTT certification while studying under Adam Whiting. Her goal as a teacher is to educate her students on how to transfer the practices learned on the mat into everyday life. While Vinyasa is a widely popular style of yoga, she hopes to introduce newcomers and yogis to the benefits of a gentle flow class. 


Nina Yu

About Nina


Nina is a yoga teacher, practitioner, and assistant. She started practicing after completing her collegiate softball career and quickly fell in love with the freedom and self-expression that yoga offers on and off the mat. Yoga is a very important part in Nina's life and she is excited to share this passion with you!

Monday 7:15-8:15 Deep Stretch / All levels

Tuesday 6am-7am Vinyasa / All levels

Wednesday 6am-7am Vinyasa / All Levels


Marscia Martinez-Mendoza

About Marscia

 Marscia Martinez-Mendoza is a yoga instructor originally from Mexico City. Her hometown in the U.S. is Wilmington, N.C., where she began teaching yoga in late 2014 at the Willard Outreach Organization and at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She later began her studies and 200 YTT in 2016 at Longwave Yoga in Wilmington, N.C. Originally a Zumba instructor her fitness journey started in 2012 and has taken over her way of life in the best of ways. Marscia has taught various yoga formats such as , Vinyasa Flow, Power Flow, Yoga Relax, Restorative Yoga and specialized meditation classes. Marscia has taught on a volunteer basis through outreach programs, and has served as a team member at YMCA branches. She is excited to continue sharing her practice with those in need of affordable classes! 

Wednesday 7:45-8:45pm: Restorative Aroma Flow 


Mallory Spigel

About Mallory

Mallory has been practicing yoga from a young age with her family (her grandmother was a yoga instructor WAY before it was "cool"!) Now, working as a full-time consultant in a fast-paced consulting career, she has found the balance that the practice of Yoga brings off the mat in a whole new way. Yin and Yang, right? While yoga is a great source for a good workout and sweat it also brings the balance and mental clarity that is much needed in our crazy lives and community. 

Mallory is excited to be teaching at Bijou and be part of a studio with the mission to make Yoga accessible to everyone in Charlotte, because that is changing the world for the better. She is excited to share her personal journey and hoping she shares in your journey as well. 


Hannah Richards

About Hannah


Hannah is a yoga instructor who is lit up by encouraging others to stand in their power, to make space for possibility in their lives, and to create play in their practice! When she's not at the yoga studio, Hannah is a passionate 8th grade English teacher. She also enjoys spending time outdoors and is always down for a good cup of coffee!!


Laura Adams

About Laura

 Laura is beyond grateful for the opportunity to facilitate learning and growth for those who practice with her! She has been practicing yoga for many years, but her recent 200-hour teacher training with Adam Whiting took her love and passion for yoga to a new level. Laura’s hope is to create an opportunity for students to take the pieces of her classes they most relate to and incorporate them into their journeys; be it a message, alignment in a pose, or a deeper connection with themselves. Her classes will be challenging, but accessible and always fun. 


Kayla Morgan

About Kayla

Yoga is the one thing in the world that never fails to bring me back to myself. Through this practice, I've come to know that regardless of what is going on in my life - my mat is a place of deep connection and alignment with my inner self. When I have a day that tests my patience, I can find solace on my mat. When I have a day that leaves me full of gratitude for life, I can express joy on my mat.

My yoga practice has given me a place to explore my most authentic self. What I have discovered through this practice is that I have the power to choose who I am and how I show up in the world. I received my 200 hour certification from Yoga One and continue to soak up all the knowledge I can from Charlotte's beautiful yoga community. I strive to create classes focused on deep inner connection and dynamic movement that pushes us out of our default. 


Holly Evans

About Holly


Charlotte Native Holly grew up immersed in movement as a former ballerina and dance instructor. Feeing the connection between movement and mental clarity, she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Psychology and in Dance Education at UNCC. Quickly learning that Yoga stretches boundaries physically and mentally she began practicing Yoga in 2002 and hasn't stopped.  Holly owns a local real estate company, lives in Cotswold and is a Mid-Century Architecture enthusiast. Most days you will find her at hot yoga, looking at gorgeous houses, juggling her 2 boys and drinking wine!!


Amelia Alameno


My yoga journey began out of desire to seek something different. I had spent many years trying every avenue possible to help with health issues before finally giving in and trying yoga. Many people had suggested it to me over the years, but I always scoffed at the idea. Eventually I gave in, when a friend promised to go with me. The first few classes were torture, but something kept me coming back.

Over years of inconsistency I started to find a constant practice, and something inside me shifted. For the first few years my practice was a home practice; eventually I slowly started going back to studios, and realized what I had been missing during those years.  The warm welcome and judgement free place to move has tied me to coming to studios more than a home practice these days. 

As my physical practice has grown, I've seen a yearning for other aspects of the practice. The asanas are no longer my favorite piece of yoga, and I love to remind myself and others about the 7 other limbs. After about 5 years of self study, reading and following teachers with questions, I finally made the plunge into yoga teacher training in 2016 with Kim Zegil.  Each class I take or teach, I learn something new about myself and regard my never ending journey.  Yoga has seen me through the highs and the lows of my life, and without yoga I know piece of who I am today would not be the same.


Davena Mgbeokwere

About Davena

 A lover of movement, strength training and hot wings! Davena started her yoga journey about 5 years ago. She knew yoga would be a great way to maintain flexibility and mobility as she started lifting weights. Initially, yoga was just a bunch of random poses she thought looked cool! She never thought she would be able to do a complicated pose like crow or a flying split! Over time, yoga has become a practice of "anything is possible". As a licenced clinical social worker, Davena finds teaching yoga to be a great way to empower students to take control of their bodies. Davena's classes focus on inspiration and building hope through movement. Her classes focus on encouraging developing strength and flexibility while teaching  various aspects of the mind-body-spirit connection. Her  interests include using yoga to treat trauma symptoms and connecting diverse communities. 


Steven Wilson

About Steven


Steven isn’t sure when he started practicing yoga – at least 15 years ago – as a way to increase flexibility and prevent injury from running and other activities. From those first few classes he was hooked. He began to get more involved in the practice of yoga and the community it creates. He started teacher assisting two years ago and recently took it to the next level with teacher training (RYT200).

Steven loves that every time he gets on his mat it is both familiar and new, and he takes something away from every practice that he can apply to life off the mat to break boundaries/overcome obstacles. Yoga allows Steven to lead others to that same experience. Most importantly Steven loves the connections yoga affords him – connections with amazing yogis and teachers, and a deeper connection with himself.


Christine Redman

About Christine

Christine Redman is a recreation therapist who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. In 2014, Christine was drawn deeper into the practice while seeking mind, body, and spiritual balance. Throughout her practice, she has witnessed the power of this practice to let go of negatives, focus on areas she has direct control on, and live a happier life. Christine’s classes are a perfect combination of her experience and love of yoga. Her balanced sequences build strength, harmony, and refreshing clarity. It’s the type of fun you won’t want to miss.

Feel yourself gain strength as she coaches you through each breath, and you flow through each sequence in her classes. Her light-hearted approach to each class will bring laughs while continuing

to push you further.


Christine completed her 200 hour Subtle yoga training in 2015 and continued her practice by completing her Grounded Kid’s yoga coursework in 2017. She is skilled and trained in safe

alignment-based sequences and breath, to light that fire within yourself. Thanks to her continued practice in kid’s yoga, she’s able to deliver her philosophy of fun and balance both on and off the

mat. Christine looks forward to sharing her excitement with the Bijou communit