12 Chakra Activation In-House Retreat

April 14, 2019 1-4pm

 Are you looking to take your life, relationships or business to the next level? Wondering how you can get it all done and still have time for play and creativity? This workshop will give you the tools to exponentially activate your vital energy so that your ENERGY WELL overflows into every aspect of your life! 

This is the next level chakra retreat where we'll cover the 12 Chakra system in-depth. We will move beyond the 7 in-body chakras into the little known but super powerful 8-12th chakras! This outermost area of our human body is extremely powerful in its unseen nature. It allows us to shift into the frequencies of manifesting and healing for both our physical and energetic body.  

During this unique retreat we will explore our subtle body via Vinyasa flow, QiGong, meditation and restorative yoga, while activating these outermost chakras to amplify our healing and intuitive capabilities.

Be ready to use the chakra system to more fully align and support yourself and others.  This time will expand your limitless energetic core. 

Presented by Victoria Martinez, Bijou5 YTT Director and Senior Yoga Teacher and Jane Ritz, Spiritual Guide and Metaphysical Guru with a BS in Psychology. 


Early Bird $55

Day of $60 

Expand your chakras

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